Monday, July 22, 2013

What is the Sexuality Spectrum?

The Sexuality Spectrum is the idea that all aspects of sexuality exist, not independent of one another, but within one infinite spectrum. Each set of preferences has varying degrees of intensity, and interacts with other preferences in a unique way within each individual. Imagine a color spectrum: each color has varying shades and intensity, and each can be combined with any other color to create a completely different hue. For example, a bold red could be combined with a deep blue to create a very intense shade of purple. A light blue could also be combined with a pastel pink to create more of a lavender hue. Another possibility is the combination of a deep blue with a milder shade of red, creating a more moderate indigo. All of these are legitimate colors that can exist in nature. All of them begin with the same basic building blocks but have drastically different outcomes. So it is with sexuality. Sexual preferences can be blended in countless combinations to give each person their own sexual hue. Every aspect of sexuality – orientation, gender identity, inhibition (or lack thereof), adventurousness, moral foundation, etc. - is combined within each of us in a way that is wholly unique, and each of these combinations is a legitimate expression of our own sexuality. The most exciting aspect of the Spectrum is that it is completely fluid; just as a color can change with the addition or removal of one shade, so position on the Spectrum changes with a shift in interests or desires. This combination of variety and fluidity is what makes sexuality so complex, interesting, sometimes confusing, and continually exciting!

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